Sunday, February 11, 2007

Update on 'New on the Tube'...

Just to continue from my previous post...

The Marathi Singing Competition 'Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa' is now in its final stages.. 3 contestants remain.. while overall it has been a good show, the last few weeks seem as if the show is being stretched unneccessarily.. they actually had 8-9 rounds of the final !!!.. a round a week .. with one person being eliminated each week.. now we are down to 3 ppl (2 guys and a gal).. Must appreciate the fact that even though ppl have been listening to them for over 3 months now, the contestants manage to impress each time in a different genre of songs !!!... The sad part is that the general allegations of vote favouring/rigging have surfaced.. the story being that one of the participants was actually voted out by the public (through the now-omnipresent SMS route) but the judges (who now have a minimal say in the selection) insisted on that participant being retained.. would be a pity if such controversies mar what would be a good finale to a good show !!

May the best person win !!!

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