Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cricket Madness...

With the quadrennial cricket madness about to start, hope to post some thoughts regarding that as well..
Of course, all thoughts are randomly arbit !!!! :))


Monday, February 19, 2007

Me and the Marathon... part 2

Ok.. let me begin with a slight apology if anyone got the impression from the ending of part 1 that this part was going to have all the thrills n spills of a Bollywood blockbuster... Nothing of the sort :).. Just that last time around, I was too bored to write the entire days proceedings at one go (not to mention the boredom incurred while reading a lonnng post).. Hence decide to break in between... Neways..

I was part of the half-marathon (21km). Tall order if you ask me, but still, I had decided to try it out and just walk off if it got too tough. The race started before 7 am from CST. Thankfully, early mornings in January in Mumbai are quite pleasant, so it was comfortable at the start. I started a light jog but after about 2kms (at the Pizzeria junction in Churchgate), I gave up jogging and settled into a nice n comfortable walk (which is what I had planned to do anyways). Along with me was a motley crowd about 6000+ participants, young n old, thin n not-so-thin, gents n ladies (and pretty girls as well :))... All of them having a great time. Marine Drive in the morning was awesome, with the sun just rising over the skyscrapers on the East and the Arabian Sea taking on a nice light shade of blue. The weather continued to stay nice and comfortable.

After about an hour, the effects of not practicing started telling on the legs. By this time, we were past Marine Drive and on Peddar Road. There, the best thing was many people coming down from their apartments and giving us water, biscuits etc and generally cheering us on. At about this time, there was a van from behind asking us to move to the left side of the road. What was that all about ?. The full marathon (42km) had started, and there was this group of 15-20 race leaders (needless to say, almost all East African) who had actually covered the distance of about 7kms till then in less than half the time as I had and had passed us on !!!!. Really admire those nations in which cross-country running is a way of life. How they can sustain stamina over 42km is simply beyond me. But nevertheless, that kind of egged me on and I continued, not withstanding the increasing pain in the soles.

From Peddar Road, we continued up to Haji Ali and then turned just before Worli Naka (on the road that goes to Worli Seaface), By this time, it was almost 8.30 am and about 11kms down, so it was a huge high to know that you had finished more than half the race. On the way back, things were getting slowly bad. Anyways, my companions were all scattered in different places and I was on my own (it helps to walk/run with a group, which is what most proffessional marathoners do). Again back to Peddar Road and I finally had to stop on the Kemps Corner flyover (abt 15kms done). After a short break, I continued. After the some time, again there was a van asking us to stay to the left. Those full-marathon race leaders had gone all the way to Bandra Reclamation, turned back and then caught up again on the return path (they must have done abt 34kms against my 16kms :).. As I walked back to Marine Drive, I could see the end in sight. Thereafter, it was only that thought which egged me on. With each step, I could see the ending point at the CST.

Finally, at around 10.45 am (almost 4 hrs since the start), I nearly limped my way across the finish line at the CST, delighted at the thought of completing (so what if it was walking) my first marathon. The marathon left me with aching legs for almost a week, but also with sweet memories and a feeling of actually achieving something worthwhile (and believe me, not many things give so much pleasure). Already, preparations for January 2008 are in order, with a new target.. Hopefully !!!!..


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Me and the Marathon... part 1

According to me, the most enduring and (I daresay) the greatest physical feat that mankind does is the Marathon !!.. Having read Lance Armstrong’s autobiography, I acknowledge that cycling (in the Alps in cold, windy and rainy conditions) does come close. But still, I have always admired the gritty Marathoners and have wondered as to how anyone can actually run 42km (that is more than the distance between Churchgate and Borivali, between which most of the local trains ply). The maximum I have ever managed to run at a stretch is about 2km !! J. So it has always been my dream to actually experience the marathon and see what drives these athletes to the limits of human endurance !!

For the past 5 years, the Mumbai Marathon has provided the citizens of Mumbai with a platform to take part and experience the Marathon. Since 2005, I have always wanted to be a part of the Mumbai Marathon but something or the other always prevented it. So when the Mumbai Marathon 2007 came along, I decided not to miss it at any cost, even though I was just back from a 3 week post-marriage vacation and it was more than a month since I saw the gym!! Nevertheless, with all this (and without the whole-hearted approval of my wife J), I finally landed at Azad Maidan at 6 am in the morning of 21 January 2007, proud of the fact that I atleast managed to show up for the big event (as an official participant with a bib no. on my back)…

Keeping watching this space for what actually happened….



Update on 'New on the Tube'...

Just to continue from my previous post...

The Marathi Singing Competition 'Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa' is now in its final stages.. 3 contestants remain.. while overall it has been a good show, the last few weeks seem as if the show is being stretched unneccessarily.. they actually had 8-9 rounds of the final !!!.. a round a week .. with one person being eliminated each week.. now we are down to 3 ppl (2 guys and a gal).. Must appreciate the fact that even though ppl have been listening to them for over 3 months now, the contestants manage to impress each time in a different genre of songs !!!... The sad part is that the general allegations of vote favouring/rigging have surfaced.. the story being that one of the participants was actually voted out by the public (through the now-omnipresent SMS route) but the judges (who now have a minimal say in the selection) insisted on that participant being retained.. would be a pity if such controversies mar what would be a good finale to a good show !!

May the best person win !!!