Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cricket Madness...

With the quadrennial cricket madness about to start, hope to post some thoughts regarding that as well..
Of course, all thoughts are randomly arbit !!!! :))



Monsieur K said...

Any guesses? Here are some Qs with my guesses.
Who'll be semi-finalists? - Aus, WI, SA/SL, India
Who'll be finalists? - Aus, India
Winners? Obviously INDIA :)
Highest scorer? - Mike Hussey
Highest wicket taker? - Zaheer Khan

Make your guesses. You still have 9 days left for the WC to start! ;-)

Amit said...

Was trying to put down my likely semi-finalists.. couldnt zero down on 4 even after thinking for 10 mins.. just goes to show that this Cup is anyone's for the taking :))