Monday, October 10, 2005

A trip well enjoyed !!!! - Part One..

Let me begin my blogging on a good note.. by describing something nice that I finally got after a long wait... a nice weekend getaway :) .. after working day in n day out (not that I put in too many hrs of work :) this is something that really gets you going..

so the past weekend I finally said 'to hell with the work' and packed my bags for a weekend trip to a serene place called Ganpatipule on the west coast of India about 150 km north of Goa... went alongwith my office friends... all like-minded souls bored to death by the monotony of work and wishing for some adventure in life..

With a round trip of nearly 800 kms to do in 2 days we started really early on Saturday at arnd 4 am !!!!!... did not fancy myself (or the others) to get up so early but still we managed it.. and a good thing also... coz since we started early we had an empty highway to ourselves... as the sun appeared on the eastern horizon we were far far away from this maddening city and its drab life.. almost felt like being freed from jail... :)

The road is itself wonderful... passing through quite a few 'ghats', the long and winding road offers spectaular views of the Sahadyris to your left and the plains to your right.. and for the most part it was a pretty good here... (one thing I must say.. the general highways in the countryside have improved over the past few years.. not withstanding the Western Exp Highway right in the heart of the city :-)).. At around noon we finally closed in on Ganpatipule... the final 20 kms are just tooo goodd... you are driving west.. there are coconut trees on both sides of the road and on the horizon in front you can almost feel the sea in the distance but it is cleverly hidden from view... with the last 3 kms left the sea makes a spectacular appearance... the first sight of it (see pic) makes you absolutely crazy... so finally we pulled in at the MTDC resort at around 12.30 pm after a eight-hour drive...

More to follow in the next installment.... so stay tuned !!!! :-)


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