Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ohhhh.... Aaahhh.... and finally, satisfaction unlimited !!!!

Okie.. so I admit the title was pretty arbit... that goes with the title of this blog.. many of you might have thought of many different things on reading the title :-)... anyways, the title is about the only arbit thing in the post.. cause this post is about something that has got me hooked on over the past couple of months...

First.. a short quiz... at what time of the day am I at my happiest ??? any guesses ?... getting up in the morning ? no-no.. going to bed at night ? well to an extent yes, that is when I look forward to hitting the sack and having a peaceful nite's sleep, but that is not when I am at my happiest.. going to office ???? well, ur kidding me, thats about the worst time of my day... well then what is it ? Well, it roughly happens at around 7.30 am in the morning.. when I walk out, sweat pouring, body aching et all, from the GYM... but, though the body might be aching all over, the mind and heart is at its most happiest and satisfied.... hence the title of this post..

Though I started working out just a couple of months back, it has quickly become one of the most important activities for me. Of course, there were umpteen instances in the past when, driven purely by enthu, where I decided to start jogging or working out in the gym, only to peacefully quit it in a few days. Doesnt it happen with most of us ??? :-) I remember I used to go jogging @ Shivaji Park near my residence both after my 12th Std exams and also when I came back from Bangalore after MBA. Even at IIMB, there was a phase when I used to jog around the campus and also indulge in a bit of badminton.. but all those were passing phases.. very soon, life came back to normal. Studies, job etc took over and the jogging shoes went back to the attic.

So now, I have realised that its nothing but a mental thing.. which, mind you, is very hard to overcome.. like with most other things in life, it takes feirce desire and hard discipline to back that desire.. not that I have got that though.. its still a pain getting up early in the morning... and my attendance at the gym is roughly about 50%.. but hopefully would get to the morning someday wherein I would spring out of bed, jump into my casuals and hop of now, am just glad I made a start :)

So finally, some gyaan: Try the gym if you havent, and trust me, it works wonders not just for the body but also for the mind.. :)

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SOO-BEER said...

namaskar Gokhale saheb!
Nice topic for the post !

Been trying to enter the gym for the past few months, but the inertia is just too much !!!