Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 will be the year of....

1. Showing you care for the environment

I have always cared for the environment, but 2009 has told us, in no uncertain terms, that you have to walk the talk. Terms like 'carbon footprints' have become part of normal usage. The recent (near) non-event in Copenhagen has shown us that while nations slug it out over coming to a common understanding over carbon emissions, it is we ordinary people who have to make a start, whether it be reducing our fuel consumption, conserving power at home or exploring alternate sources of energy. For me, this means watching my carbon consumption closely and seriously evaluating solar-powered appliances at home.

2. Writing more often

I started the year with a target of 50 blog posts for the year, and have been spectacularly off the mark, this being my 36th and last post of 2009. Hope that next year is better both in quantity and quality. And hopefully, I will actually write my first genuinely funny post !!!

3. Eating healthy

2009 has been an entirely forgettable year in terms of health. Have been down with fever on four separate occasions. And the cause in two instances was stomach upset. So this year will hopefully see me cutting down on the roadside vada-pao's and instead opting for more of home-made food, which leads me to.....

4. Cooking a few dishes

For a foodie like me, I hardly know cooking, besides tea/coffee and Maggi. This year, I resolve to make atleast five dishes at home (not the simple variety). Who knows, some hidden talent might come out ? ;-)

5. Working out

This has become almost a passion for me and this year will be no different. Have set myself ambitious targets at the gym, and the forthcoming half-marathon will tell me where I stand.

6. Being discrete in cyberspace.

Many of us fail to realize how time flies when we are hooked on to the Net. Whether its checking the latest score or chatting away with friends, it is mostly unproductive use of a wonderful medium (besides earning the wrath of my wife). So this year would be all of making more productive use of my time online, exploring new worlds and learning all the time. Even one article a day on Wikipedia is good enough for me !!

7. Being aggressive with finances

I have realized that this is the age to be aggressive with your investments. To take small but calculated gambles as far as money goes. If one does not take risks now, it will be never. After all, how else would your dream retirement holiday fructify ?

8. Learning a new language

I strongly believe that learning a new language broadens your horizons, besides giving you an unparalleled sense of fulfillment. And with so many learning resources (books, CDs etc) avaliable on the Net, it has become much easier than before. So here's to getting to know a new language this year. And that one of my blog posts in 2010 would be in that language.

9. Read 10 books

To many, it may sound like a ridiculously easy target to set. But for me, getting quality time is a challenge. So finishing ten decent-sized books in a year would be a challenge, The list is almost ready, have to get cracking...

and last but definitely not the least,

10. Learning Swimming !!!

Something that I should have done long time back, but better late than never !!!. This is one resolution I will definitely keep. After all, who knows which would be the day when it can save me ?

See you in 2010..




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Alam said...

Dada you got an almost universal list. nice one..

My take
2. Should do myself
3. Already begun
4. I am step ahead. for me it would be- Learn some more dishes
5. regular for the past few months
7. Me too
8. Persian
9. Not applicable i read more than that- Instead I am going to revise stuff learnt in college.
10. Completed last year. Need to become better.

gayatri said...

I can tell u 3 out of 5 dishes u must learn to make this year (incentive for me to come to ur place then)
1) Pooran poli
2) Modaks
3) Chakli

Dhananjay said...

I will add 2 more
1) Veg Makhanwala
2) Paneer Butter Masala

So that completes the list of 5 dishes ;)

Shabby said...

Loved the fact that you could openly declare your plans for the next year and be accountable for it !
I kept almost everything to myself, and then defaulted on the very 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th and all other days of the new year !!
Aah, the joy of public declaration and adherence to it... did it for quite a long time in the past year ... this year already on a weak footing

PH said...

Did you manage to cook anything? Liked many of your resolutions. Got to finish my own resolution of mastering the act of swimming. I think I am only about 25% there.