Friday, January 30, 2009

The Li'l Champs finale is here !!!

After about four months of high-quality competition, the Marathi singing contest show Idea Sa Re Ga Ma approaches its grand finale. I have been an avid follower of this show (as an earlier post would indicate) and have been captivated by the level of performance on display. And now there are five contestants remaining, each one of whom has gone through many rounds and has consistently given his/her best. This week's episodes were especially wonderful, given that Republic Day was celebrated by invoking the best of patriotic numbers in Marathi. I, for one, cannot wait for the finale (and am irritated by Zee Marathi's delay in holding the mega finale !!).

Anyways, coming back to the finalists, in my opinion, the slight front-runners are Prathamesh Laghate from Sangameshwar near Ratnagiri and Pune's very own Aarya Ambekar. Both have been simply outstanding throughout most of the shows. Prathamesh has made classical and semi-devotional numbers his own, effortlessly crooning them in his own style. On the other hand, Aarya's cute smile and personality perfectly compliments her sweet voice, thus giving her that extra edge when it comes to soft romantic numbers. In fact, one of the highlights of the show has been that each of the finalists seems to have made a particular genre his/her own. Apart from these two, there is Rohit Raut who, with almost a rock-star personality, makes fast numbers even more rocking !! . And then there are the two little ladies, Mugdha Vaishampayan and Kartiki Gaikwad who seem to have left everyone else behind in the popularity charts. They will have the public support behind them (since SMSes sent by the public would have half the say in deciding the final winner).

Inspite of however wins the finals, I would forever remember this season of the show as one that bought me closer to the rich musical traditions of my mother tounge (which I admit I had never appreciated before). And once having got a taste of that, I hope to enrich it further. May the best participant win !!!


PS: For those abroad who cannot watch the show, all the songs are avaliable for download on the Zee Marathi website: here . Recommended especially are 'Dayaghana' and 'Tya Phulaanchya Gandhkoshi' by Prathamesh, 'Malmali Tarunya Majhe' by Aarya. For non-Marathis, listen to 'Paan Khaye Saiya Hamaro' by Aarya (that I bet would have made Asha Bhosle proud) and 'Laga Chunari Main Daag' by Rohit !!! Although I admit, that the actual versions sound better the downloaded versions.


Sai said...

My parents, sis and jiju absolutely love the show...and so does yash, my nephew...
The best part is.... he knows all their names...and even remembers the songs they sing

Amit Gokhale said...

@ Sai..

Nice to hear from you.. yes, the show has kept almost everyone here glued to the TV.. you guys can download the songs from there.. tho not quite the real thing..:)

neha said...

I love this show! Prathamesh is my favorite. Ofcourse, the 4 other kids are also very good.

priya said...

Nice post Amit. Kind of reflects how passionate you are about the show, the kids and your new found interest in Marathi songs :)

May the best kid win.

Talking of SMS voting on such shows... I still feel its all a sham! Guess we can write a whole post on that :)

Enjoy the mega finale.

PH said...

Amit, saying it again! Great minds think alike! :)

Imagine if you could go to the studio and get to hear the songs live! Wouldn't that be lovely! Do you think its a possibility for people staying in India?

Amit Gokhale said...


Agree with you on the SMS thing.. but guess in this age, everything goes.. but having said that, I am happy that this show is not like its Hindi counterpart.. where most of the times I watch judges bickering with each other, participants sobbing et al... its all disgusting there..

And the Marathi show is going to have a 7 member jury judging the mega final... this has been done to reduce the influence of SMS.. guess there is hope !!!


Yes, there should be some way of getting through to watch the show in person.. tho I havent tried that option :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Amit,

Good post.

I tried the site for downloading the songs. Seems that they have removed all the songs from site.

Can you kindly send me
Arya's songs(Mp3s) if you have. Folln is my id -

Appreciate your help.


Anonymous said...

Can you kindly upload
Arya's songs(Mp3s) if you have,