Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 !!!!!

So, the year 2006 is upon us !!!! As I write this (10.15 am IST on Jan 1), more than half the world will have entered the new year with the usual fervour, boisterous new year parties et al.. All over the world, new years resolutions would have been made (an article in todays paper talks about how gym's across the country see a 20% rise in membership around the new year), and then broken promptly (abt 60% of the joinees in December vanish after mid-Jan :-)). But then, this is the time to make new promises. After all, there is always the hope that a new beginning, new year brings. Somehow, the morning of Jan 1st feels different. Feels like the start of not just a new day, but a new beginningaltogether. A day to get over the past and look at the future with optimism and hope.

So here's wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year !!!! May 2006 be the year that all your dreams and aspirations become a reality !!!And yes, dont forget your new resolutions :-))
Signing offAmit

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SOO-BEER said...

so what new yr resolutions have u made this time?